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Weaving Together Entrepreneurs

coFounders Bridge is the not-for-profit organization which has served as the bridge introducing emerging entrepreneurs to existing entrepreneurs since 2012.  Purposely weaving together entrepreneurs of different generations in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s (really!) to envision the opportunities of today and tomorrow.  For their mutual self-interest which also benefits the expanded community by creating jobs and improving the economy.

Originally conceived and funded by the hosts, co-hosts and CEO-Guests of Executive Leaders Radio (the #1 business radio show in the Mid-Atlantic States) because many of the 700 successful CEOs running businesses we interview each year (more than 8000 to date) are interested in “giving back," and there was no formal organization building these bridges!

So we pulled together law firms, accounting firms, banks, angel investor groups, venture capital funds, private equity funds, CEOs of large corporations $500million - $16billion, CEOs of mid-market businesses $10million - $500million, investment banks, government agencies, quasi-government agencies, accelerators, incubators, university entrepreneurial centers and other organizations who are interested in helping introduce deserving emerging entrepreneurs to existing entrepreneurs, to collectively sink their teeth into a build.

An “emerging entrepreneur” qualifications?  Truly serious about sinking their teeth into a build.  Enough personal cash flow to provide a 6 month runway, which could be offset starting part-time.

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An “emerging entrepreneur” DOES NOT need to have the killer idea, because:
Carve-outs develop from our CEOs who are forced to prioritize their “executable opportunities” ordered against their own limited, existing resources.  These experienced CEOs appreciate that their substantial, orphaned ideas will die on the vine unless taken to market within the window of opportunity.  
The many organizations we bridge, including the non-profits, often see serious for-profit business opportunities which they will contribute and support.
Many of our CEOs who have exited previous ventures have developed an insiders-vision of new market opportunities, however they prefer not to work 80-hour weeks – they would prefer to contribute in an advisory role.
Some members bring their ideas gathered from thinking in the shower, reading the web or newspaper, and general conversation.

None of our members are either seeking a job, or seeking to raise money from other members.

Perhaps the most enjoyable, and profitable, benefit to each of our members is meeting other serious entrepreneurs of other generations in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s! For the mutually-identified purpose of developing a safe, trusting relationship which have already lead to profitable cashflows and healthy equity exits.

We introduce qualified co-founders so they truly get to know each other, encouraging private and group discussion because we believe business is a team sport.

Come meet some other serious entrepreneurs, confidentially compare notes, bounce ideas around, and perhaps find your co-founder for your next venture.

Bridging the gap between entrepreneur's of all ages... A place to meet, grow and create!

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