• Our Informal Process

    To insure selectivity, 100% of our existing members need to agree on each new member, while only 75% of the existing members are needed to remove a member.


    Some of us meet monthly at various convenient locations, others prefer to be available for phone and conference calls.

    Older Interacting With Younger

    Our older members benefit learning the potential impact of new technologies, and our younger members benefit avoiding mistakes and leveraging our rolodexes.

    Our Focus

    Our focus encourages the co-founding of pre-business-plan, pre-valuation startups and/or orphaned opportunities (also known as carve-outs from existing entities) amongst our members.
    Current CEOs burdened with a limited-shelf-life orphaned opportunity, serial entrepreneurs interested in getting their bearings after their most recent exit, and younger entrepreneurs testing the assumptions of a potential business model are our members.

    Our Members Are Not

    Existing members want new qualified members in order for each of our members to help understand, wisely design, and accelerate go-to-market advantages in greater and more diverse business opportunities.
    Please help us keep the un-or-under-engaged entrepreneur off the street, out of their spouse's hair, and creating new jobs. Contact Us at Membership@CoFoundersBridge.org