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Our Process

Our Informal Process

To insure selectivity, 100% of our existing members need to agree on each new member, while only 75% of the existing members are needed to remove a member.

Our older members benefit learning the potential impact of new technologies, and our younger members benefit avoiding mistakes and leveraging our contacts.

Our focus encourages the co-founding of pre-business-plan, pre-valuation startups and/or orphaned opportunities (also known as carve-outs from existing entities) amongst our members.  

Current CEOs burdened with a limited-shelf-life orphaned opportunity, serial entrepreneurs interested in getting their bearings after their most recent exit, and younger entrepreneurs testing the assumptions of a potential business model are our members.  

We are not an angel investment group, rather a co-founders club, run by our members.  

Existing members want newly qualified members in order for each of our members to help understand, wisely design, and accelerate go-to-market advantages in greater and more diverse business opportunities.

Please help us keep the un-or-under-engaged entrepreneur off the street, out of their spouse’s hair, and creating new jobs.  Contact us at Membership@CoFoundersBridge.org.  We truly seek to create win/win/wins.